Our Process

Listen to your team the way you listen to your customers

We’ve created a new standard for employee feedback, inspired by world-class product teams. Our process gives people the freedom to speak openly and constructively about the real struggles they’re dealing with and the real opportunities they’re looking for.

How Our Listening Process Works

Research Plan

We start by aligning all of our stakeholders on a research plan. What are our goals for the study? Who do we need to interview? What questions should we ask?

1-2 weeks


We develop an announcement explaining the purpose of the research, our role, and what to expect from the process. We can also join a call to introduce the research, explain how we handle confidentiality, and answer any questions.

2-3 days

Participant Recruitment

We reach out to 10-30 of the people whose input we need most. An onboarding study might include new hires and their managers. For sales, we might include managers, reps, and account executives with a range of tenures.

3-5 days

Recorded Interviews

We run all interviews over Zoom. During the chat, the moderator will explain our data policy, then turn on the recorder and ask open questions. Our team is multilingual and sensitive to global cultural norms that can impact our findings.

1-3 weeks

Redaction & Analysis

We transcribe and redact all feedback before reviewing thousands of words per interview to extract common themes and uncover quantifiable insights.

1-2 weeks

Roadmap Presentation

We come up with next steps together, then present the findings and a strategic roadmap—first to leaders, then to everyone affected by our work.

1-2 weeks


Roadmap: 1-3 months
Results: 3-6 months

Ready to get started?
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We do our best to protect everyone’s confidentiality

We take your privacy seriously. Learn how we manage sensitive data.

Our Confidentiality Process

Our Capabilities

Listen, respond, and communicate better as a team

360º Assessments

Detailed insight into employees’ feelings

Without a safe channel for delicate feedback, any leader can fall out of touch. Get candid, detailed feedback you can use to keep people engaged, even when things get tough.

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Internal Communications

A healthy, open dialogue with your team

Internal communications doesn’t have to be a one-way street. With a clear strategy and a tight feedback loop, it signals you’re not just listening, but actually responding to people’s needs.

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Content Design

Docs that put everyone on the same page

Each person has their own idea how to handle things like meetings, management, and even Slack. Start fresh with clear documentation that sets expectations and addresses the elephants in the room.

Illustration of three employees. One wears a salmon-colored hijab, another is bald, and the third has curly hair. Each is reading the same book, labeled “Culture Manual.”

Process Automation

Systems that make work flow naturally

People make mistakes. Learn to build intelligent systems that are forgiving instead of fussy, and design seamless workflows that save time and prevent costly, embarrassing oversights.

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Your people have the answers.
Let us ask the questions.

Don’t wait for an exit interview to learn what your employees need.

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