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Get an outside perspective on your team’s culture

Sustainable culture goes deeper than great benefits or inclusive policies. It takes mutual listening and being open to change—not in ephemeral moments of crisis, but for the long run.

We’ve helped deliver:


more hires per recruiter every quarter


higher employee engagement scores


per week saved for team leaders

Our work takes time, so we have limited availability

A typical interview transcript is 5,000+ words, and we read every last one.

To ensure the quality of our work, we take on a maximum of two clients at once on a quarterly basis. Our engagements start at $10,000. To see if your team qualifies for a free assessment, reach out.

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We host weekly office hours. Bring any questions on hiring, retention, or engagement.

It’s free and confidential. We welcome founders, managers, HR leaders, or anyone working to promote a more sustainable culture.