Build a culture where employees feel heard

Hear Me Out is a culture strategy firm that listens first. We talk to your employees off the record, then use what we learn to make work more rewarding for everyone.

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How It Works

We talk to 10-30 employees and managers

Confidentially, one-on-one, over a recorded phone or video chat.

They share honest, detailed feedback about work

With real examples that leave room for nuance and follow-up questions.

We identify the recurring patterns in their quotes

In a fraction of the time it would take for your team to pull it all together.

Then, we help your leaders design ways to make work less stressful and more rewarding

Get to the bottom of burnout with nuanced feedback

57% of knowledge workers are open to a new job. With everyone reassessing their priorities amid record burnout, it’s critical to know how employees are feeling. But often, the ones struggling the most never speak up.

We’ve helped deliver:


more hires per recruiter every quarter


higher employee engagement scores


per week saved for team leaders


We help global teams work together more sustainably

We do this by taking a more human approach to employee feedback and a more data-driven approach to designing internal programs. Our moderators are multilingual, and can interview employees in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Employee Feedback

We sit down with 10-30 managers and employees for one-on-ones. The moderator asks open questions and follow-ups. Then, we do the hard, manual work of redacting the feedback and finding patterns.

See What Employees Really Think

Program Design

We cross-check the insights from our one-on-ones with other HR metrics, like engagement and retention. Then, we help your leaders design a process that reflects your reality and resonates with employees’ true needs.

Design Programs That Stick

We protect everyone’s confidentiality

While we’re not a whistleblower hotline, we still go to great lengths to protect confidentiality. Keep reading to learn how we redact and handle sensitive data.

Our Confidentiality Process

We’ve helped some of the biggest names in tech, but we bring the most value to global teams of 75-500

That said, we’ve worked with all kinds of organizations, from small teams and NGOs to public companies.

“It was pretty evident from the first day we were accomplishing more with your help. Now the level of stress around hiring is way less, and the amount of time I spend at all is dramatically lower.

I don’t feel hooked on a drip, and I am honestly grateful for that. Your service felt like buying a nice piece of furniture where we’re not going to be replacing it in two years.”

Rob Dubbin
Cofounder & CEO

“I’d been with the company for about six months, so I was excited to share feedback for our onboarding. I wasn’t nervous at all, and actually, it felt pretty great. It really helps having a third party to be able to talk to and know that it’s all confidential.

I'm obviously biased in my own struggles at work, and my boss is obviously inclined to their own biases, too. And so it’s nice to have an outsider come in with a fresh look.”

Madison Spence
Former Social Media Manager

“In our working sessions, we dug deep into the issues I was struggling with. Thanks to this service, I feel a lot more equipped to handle my position.”

Estrella Quiroz
Employee Engagement
Movement Cooperative

“When you’re growing really fast, you’ve got band-aids on things and your team is just like yeah, that’s kind of how it works…

After working with other outside vendors, I was concerned this service would just lead to a lot of ‘fluffy talk’… But it’s really pushed our technical recruiting team to drive results.”

Will Blaze
Director, Talent Acquisition

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