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Nuanced conversations about work

Hear Me Out is a culture strategy firm that listens first. We talk to employees confidentially, then use what we learn to make work more rewarding for everyone.

  • Sensitive Questions
  • Inexperienced Managers
  • Groupthink
  • Burnout
  • Unclear Roles

Respond to critical issues before they take root

Open-door policies, anonymous surveys, and whistleblower apps have one thing in common: by the time an issue comes up, it’s already a problem. Our confidential, one-on-one interviews are your team’s early warning system, revealing serious, widespread challenges in time to address the source.

We’ve helped deliver:


more hires per recruiter every quarter


higher employee engagement scores


per week saved for team leaders

How It Works

Give people the freedom to speak openly about their needs


Employees at all levels talk to our team one-on-one, confidentially. They share honest, detailed feedback about their struggles and aspirations, with real examples that leave room for nuance, context, and follow-up.


We review thousands of words per call, labeling the data by hand for accuracy. When we’re done, we can quickly see your most widespread challenges, along with some of the most telling anecdotes.


We share findings with leaders, then with the whole team. Once everyone agrees on the issues, we work together to design new ways of working that feel less stressful and more rewarding.

Our Capabilities

Listen, respond, and communicate better as a team

360º Assessments

Detailed insight into employees’ feelings

Without a safe channel for delicate feedback, any leader can fall out of touch. Get candid, detailed feedback you can use to keep people engaged, even when things get tough.

Illustration of two speech bubbles. In one speech bubble is an elephant’s trunk. In the other, the same elephant’s tail appears.

Internal Communications

A healthy, open dialogue with your team

Internal communications doesn’t have to be a one-way street. With a clear strategy and a tight feedback loop, it signals you’re not just listening, but actually responding to people’s needs.

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Content Design

Docs that put everyone on the same page

Each person has their own idea how to handle things like meetings, management, and even Slack. Start fresh with clear documentation that sets expectations and addresses the elephants in the room.

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Process Automation

Systems that make work flow naturally

People make mistakes. Learn to build intelligent systems that are forgiving instead of fussy, and design seamless workflows that save time and prevent costly, embarrassing oversights.

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Michelle Mattar
Founder, Practice

Hear Me Out forced me to get a little uncomfortable, in a good way. Some of the things we heard, I knew, but it was nice to see them written out. And others showed that Hear Me Out got people to open up in a way I wasn’t able to in a small business, where it’s extra-intimidating to talk to your boss.

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Will Blaze
Former Director, Talent Acquisition, Peloton

We closed 40% more hires per recruiter, and our recruiting team had low turnover for many months after our engagement. Candidate experience satisfaction in Greenhouse went up 20 points, too, which was huge. For Peloton, this kind of investment more than pays for itself.

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SuperHi logo Photo of a woman dressed in a purple peacoat with a red undershirt, staring at the camera with arms crossed and a slight smile.

Navya Dev
Head of Strategy, SuperHi, SuperHi

We’ve completely changed the level of transparency. There were so many implicit values we’ve made explicit: how we collaborate, our development process, even how we manage. The work was a major catalyst for change, since onboarding touches almost every aspect of a company.

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Your people have the answers.
Let us ask the questions.

Don’t wait for an exit interview to learn what employees need. Reaching out to listen through a third party signals you’re invested in their well-being.

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