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Cultivate trust through open dialogue

Hear Me Out is a culture strategy firm for visionary leaders. We help cultivate trust by opening a fresh dialogue that gets everyone on the same page.

Inspire change, one perspective at a time

Private, one-on-one conversations help you uncover hidden challenges and potential solutions.


Employees share candid feedback about the culture, with context and examples.


We analyze the transcripts to uncover widespread issues and telling anecdotes.


We help leaders respond with concrete steps that address people’s real needs.

Open-minded leaders choose Hear Me Out
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Recruiting Operations & Employer Brand

Accelerate hiring and save managers’ time

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Will Blaze / Director, Talent Acquisition

People don’t want to hurt your feelings, but everything was totally anonymous. Hear Me Out pushed our team to drive results. We closed 40% more hires per recruiter, and candidate experience satisfaction went up 20 points.

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Culture & Collaboration

Set clear standards for healthy communication

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Michelle Mattar / Founder

Hear Me Out got people to open up in a way I wasn’t able to in a small business, where it can be extra-intimidating to talk to your boss. As a founder, I’m comfortable with ambiguity, but this really helps us support a range of personalities and learning styles.

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Onboarding & Process Automation

Give managers the tools to quickly ramp new hires

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Navya Dev / Head of Strategy

Managers feel so much more empowered, and I think that’s because our work with Hear Me Out made it clear what they can do to improve how people feel. The work was a major catalyst for change.

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Your people have the answers.
Let us ask the questions.

Don’t wait for an exit interview to learn what your employees need.

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