Hear Me Out is grounded in real experiences from across tech

After listening to stories from a range of teams, we designed the ideal method to create a process tailored to yours. One that accounts for the messy realities that can hold back even the best-laid plans.

Meet our team of workplace culture experts

Ben Jackson

Founder & Principal

Arsie Jiwajinda

Advisor, Talent

Daniel Dworkin

Advisor, L&D

We bring in moderators as needed on a per-project basis under NDA. In addition to English, our moderators can interview employees in Spanish and Portuguese.

We’re on a mission to normalize a more sustainable approach to growth across tech

These days, it’s not enough for a CEO to be a visionary leader: somehow, they’re expected to be an expert on culture, too.

That’s a lot to ask of one person.

But while managing people and managing a product may sometimes feel distinct, the stories we’ve heard have shown how much they overlap.

We aim to help our clients change how they relate to employees: not as workers, or even shareholders, but as valued partners. (We know that may sound naïve, and that’s ok.)

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