Get constructive feedback (in private) from leaders who’ve been in your shoes

Meet your peers over Zoom for small, inclusive monthly roundtables. Each event gathers a different group with unique challenges and perspectives. We welcome CEOs, COOs, HR leaders, and any other executives working to promote a more sustainable culture.

Monthly Roundtables

Our monthly roundtables are small, confidential, and limited to one guest per organization

With only 5-8 guests, everyone gets at least five minutes of structured group feedback. We save intros for the last few minutes. And we share contact info after the event, so there’s no need to worry about missed connections.

Some of our past guests

“Super helpful. I have a couple mastermind groups going, but this format got to the details efficiently and effectively and was a good way to use time (and network). Good to get out of our heads and into action.”

Karl B. Stewart
Talent & People Manager

“The structure of the session was fascinating and allowed for a very productive, authentic dialogue. It was a great experience!”

Sarah Newman
Head of Talent

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Our events are by invitation only, and happen around once a month. It’s free, and our guests meet over Zoom from all around the world.

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Weekly Office Hours

Get one-to-one feedback on hiring, engagement, remote work, and more

We host one-on-one office hours every week. It’s free, confidential, and open to founders, managers, HR leaders, or anyone working to promote a more sustainable culture.

We’ve fielded questions from

Office hours are run by our founder, Ben Jackson

Ben has worked across design, product, and engineering for 20 years. He was the first Director of Mobile at Vice, and the third iOS engineer at the New York Times.

“Ben listened to my concerns, helped me focus my needs and offered actionable advice that allowed me to make decisions confidently. He has a way of distilling critical industry insights into clear guidance that isn’t overwhelming.”

Jessica Shyu
Leadership Development

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Our one-to-one office hours are free, confidential, and open to anyone working to promote a more sustainable culture.

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