Hear Me Out Listening Party

Low-key networking with great music and great conversations

Work events make us anxious, so we created one we’d want to go to ourselves. There’s only one rule: Don’t ask anyone what they do.

What to expect

  • Come to connect, not perform
  • Open conversations with something more interesting than “what do you do?”
  • Be open to new people, music, and experiences
  • Enjoy great drinks (with plenty of n/a options) and even better conversation
  • Meet others in New York's tech, media, and creative industries
  • Join or leave any conversation, at any time, with no ceremony

✪ Happy Hour ✪

  • $12 classic cocktails
  • $3 off wine by the glass
  • $2 off draft beer
  • Surprisingly good snacks

Introducing yourself

“Hi! I’m ________. Nice to meet you.”

  • “How did you end up here?” /
  • “What are you curious about?” /
  • “How are you feeling about work?” /
  • “What have you learned so far this year?” /
  • Anything other than “What do you do?”

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Our events are free and invitation only.

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Your people have the answers.
Let us ask the questions.

Don’t wait for an exit interview to learn what your employees need.

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