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We value your trust above all

While our contract is with your employer, our service only works if everyone feels safe to speak openly about their experiences.

We take extra care to protect your participation through every step of our process

Please keep reading to learn our confidentiality practices.

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Your Rights

The right to decline

Speaking with our team is optional. You can decline to participate, or to answer any of the questions we ask.

The right to go “off the record”

You have the right to mark any feedback as “off the record” (OTR) by letting us know before or after you share it. If you do this, we will not quote anything that is OTR. If you are sharing written feedback, please mark anything that you would like to be off the record by adding the label “[OTR]” before and after the OTR portion.

The right to change your mind

You have the right to change your mind about what we do with your information. You also have the right to withdraw from the research entirely at any point and for any reason.

After signing our informed consent form, we will send you an email receipt. If you change your mind, you can click the link in that email to update your permissions or withdraw entirely.

What We Store

We store our notes from our meetings.

If you allow us to record, we also store a recording of the meeting and a transcript of the audio recording from the meeting.

Our team will anonymize the transcript by removing your name, job title, email, phone number and any other information* we believe, in our reasonable discretion, would identify you to the intended recipients of our report.

*If there is any specific information in your feedback that you believe might identify you to our stakeholders, please tell us!

Who Will See Your Feedback

After our team has anonymized your feedback, we will use what you share to glean insights and prepare our report.

If you grant us permission, we may also share quotes from your feedback with our stakeholders at your employer.

We do our best to present quotes in context, typically alongside other quotes, to illustrate a broad theme from our research, in a further effort to avoid drawing attention to individual feedback.

By allowing us to share anonymized quotes, you will help ensure our stakeholders fully understand how everyone on your team feels.

Exceptions to Confidentiality

We can’t keep confidential any of the following exceptions:

  • Information we are required to disclose by law or a court order
  • Information that causes us to reasonably believe there is an imminent or likely risk of danger or harm
  • Information that involves illegal or criminal activity
  • Behavior towards our team that is harassing, abusive, or violates your employer’s code of conduct or policies

In addition, confidentiality only applies to feedback shared in a scheduled interview. It does not apply to the content of emails, Slack DMs, or other correspondence outside the interview.

Where We Keep Recordings

If you allow us to record our conversation, the recording is stored and transcribed in Dovetail, a software tool we use to analyze the feedback for recurring themes. You can find Dovetail’s security, privacy, and compliance policies at its Trust Center.

The recording is also stored in Zoom. You can find Zoom’s security, privacy, and compliance policies at its Trust Center.

How Long We Keep Recordings

After our interview, we will delete the recording within 30 days. This gives us time to review the transcript and correct any errors.

We will retain the anonymized transcript of your feedback for our records. If you change your mind and choose to withdraw your consent, we will delete all records, including the transcript.

Notwithstanding the above, we will not delete records if they are relevant to any of the exceptions listed above.

Optional Steps to Protect Your Privacy

Update Your Calendar Settings

You may wish to avoid revealing our calendar event to your colleagues. If you use Google Calendar, read this help page to learn how to set the visibility of our meeting to Free/Busy.

Use a Non-Work Email

You may also wish to communicate with our team using a non-work email. If you do, please make sure to let us know your official work email. We use this email to track your consent and to stay compliant with our data retention policy.

“I’d been with the company for about six months, so I was excited to share feedback for our onboarding. I wasn’t nervous at all, and actually, it felt pretty great. It really helps having a third party to be able to talk to and know that it’s all confidential. I’m obviously biased in my own struggles at work, and my boss is obviously inclined to their own biases, too. And so it’s kind of nice to have an outsider come in with a fresh look.”

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