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We value honesty and discretion above all

While we’re hired by employers, our service only works if everyone feels safe to speak openly about their experiences.

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We protect your confidentiality through every step of our process

You can review an example of our informed consent form here, or keep reading to learn how we redact and handle sensitive data.

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Informed Consent

We let you know up front how your data will be used, who has access to what, and the security measures we take to protect your confidentiality.

You can decline to answer any questions you’re uncomfortable with, and you can go off the record at any time.

You can review an example of our informed consent form here.


We thoroughly redact all names, titles, locations, and other identifiers from the original transcript. We also keep an eye out for any jargon or other language that might unintentionally give your identity away, and redact that, too.

Anything you share off the record will be cut from the transcript entirely.


The recording of your feedback is transcribed automatically with Dovetail, a research analysis tool. We use it to analyze the data for recurring themes, and never share video or audio clips of your feedback.

You can find more information on Dovetail’s security and data protection here.


To discourage anyone from focusing too much on specific comments, we never share quotes in isolation. We only present them alongside similar quotes to illustrate the larger narrative.

Data Access

We’re the only ones with access to raw video recordings and unredacted interview transcripts. We delete all original recordings within 30 days of your interview.

“I’d been with the company for about six months, so I was excited to share feedback for our onboarding. I wasn’t nervous at all, and actually, it felt pretty great. It really helps having a third party to be able to talk to and know that it’s all confidential. I’m obviously biased in my own struggles at work, and my boss is obviously inclined to their own biases, too. And so it’s kind of nice to have an outsider come in with a fresh look.”

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Madison Spence
Former Social Media Manager

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