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Build a program people will actually stick with

Most new HR initiatives don’t last. We can help you build a program that respects people’s time and accounts for their real needs.

Our Approach

A creative, collaborative design process

Designing an effective hiring, onboarding, or other program takes more than knowing what motivates the average employee. It takes a keen understanding of your employees: their true needs and aspirations, and how the structures your company puts in place affect their lives.

It’s a collaborative process, which takes a more creative approach: one that relies not on easy answers and short-term fixes, but on profound questions and long-term ambitions.

How We Help

Journey Mapping

Whether you need to design a new program or update an old one, we’ll help you get it right the first time. By breaking down the experience, we’ll find moments where things can break down, then design safeguards to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Done across 2-3 half-day workshops with stakeholders involved. A typical process takes 1-2 weeks to map out.

Product & Design Support

If you need new tools, internal products, or documentation, we can work together to create long-term solutions your team will actually use. Our work has helped clients manage complex interview logistics, anticipate customer issues, and quickly ramp new engineers.

Done in 2-week sprints with an internal project lead. A typical project lasts for 2-4 sprints over 1-3 months, and may have more than one deliverable.

Feedback & Testing

Throughout the process, we’ll also help ensure you include the right people—at the right time, in the right way—so that everyone’s interests are considered.

Done at regular intervals throughout the design process.


Billed in two-week sprints.


A typical project takes 1-3 months, and may have more than one deliverable.

“Our team is made up of talented self-starters who just want to jump in. New people entered an environment with a lot of energy and a low amount of structured information.

But as we expanded, we needed more established processes. We’re a distributed office, so we really have to take the initiative on culture.

Now, we have a set of standard resources, and our managers don’t need to reinvent the wheel. It feels like one less thing to worry about.”

Matt Ewing
Former Managing Director
Swing Left

“It was pretty evident from the first day we were accomplishing more with your help. Now the level of stress around hiring is way less, and the amount of time I spend at all is dramatically lower.

I don’t feel hooked on a drip, and I am honestly grateful for that. Your service felt like buying a nice piece of furniture where we’re not going to be replacing it in two years.”

Rob Dubbin
Cofounder & CEO

Our work takes time, so we have limited availability

A typical interview transcript is 5,000+ words, and we read every last one.

To ensure the quality of our work, we take on a maximum of two clients at once on a quarterly basis. Our engagements start at $10,000. To see if your team qualifies for a free assessment, reach out.

Is Now the Right Time?

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